Independent Projects

Here you can WingsGames personal publications. The applications and games can be downloaded from Google Play / iOS / Oculus accordingly. All apps made with Unity3D.

Virtual Reality


WingsGames is dedicated to creating new content for VR platforms. Designing games and applications for Cardboard,  Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and more. Using the latest Unity XR tools to bring the most advanced capabilities of the new VR/AR emerging technology.

Reality End

VR room-based multiplayer, with up to 32 players per room. Full controller support. Play as a human or as an android. 3 game maps. Game modes: Free for all, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Demolition. Left/Right handedness support. special attacks - UAV and Air Drone support. Voice communication. AI bots. Practice room. mini-map. AirLink Suitable Under 


VR SkyTrek is an open world flight simulator, with real-world dynamic mapping supported by WRLD3D. 6 missions will take you to N.Y, London, Rome, San Francisco, Chicago & Toronto. This game is published for Oculus Go and on a major Development for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest.

VR Safari

Use with Google Cardboard or any Virtual Reality device.
A unique experience in full Virtual reality Surrounding.
Ride alongside the beasts
Spot predators in action. 

3 cars to choose from
Detailed simulation of the wildlife and vegetation inspired by the Okavango delta.

VR Santa

A festive Roller Coaster for the holidays.

- Help Santa send gifts
- Snowy Atmosphere.
- Realistic Design.
- Accompanied by Jingle Bells Musical.
- A Holiday Cheerful piece.​

VR Orcraft

Mounted on a heavy warhorse you get to lead the attack against Orc Enemy waves. Push forward to destroy the Orc Towers and eventually conquer the Orc Castle to win the match. 

VR Horse Ride

Travel with VR to a distant farm, surrounded by green and animals.
Tour the farm on the back of a horse. 
VR Horse Ride design for kids with an easy navigation system. 
Great for exploring VR surroundings, Natural experience, stress relief, and fun.
Spot farm animals, Goat, Cow, Sheep and more.


Casual Games

Falling World

Somewhere in the near future, earth break in half, gravity collapsed, and everything is falling from the sky.

You are one of the last earth survivors. your mission is to jump high, avoid and climb the falling obstacles. beware! as the game progresses, bigger obstacles will appear



Educational Games

Alef Bet

Learning through play and story pictures, each picture is also a 4x4 puzzle piece. Writing letters of the alphabet - the alphabet written with a tractor. collection of fruits and vegetables and children to recognize and write letters.  

The Animal Book

The Animals Book designed especially for kids and toddlers, with a minimum interface and maximum content.  A collection of more than 200 quality photos, corresponding sounds of the animals, and voice over of the animals names.