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Independent Projects

Welcome to WingsGames Indie Projects!

As a game studio, we are passionate about creating immersive and engaging experiences for players in the virtual reality space. Here you can find some of our personal indie projects we've published.


Mixy Chess allows players to physically interact with the chessboard as if it were right in front of them. Make your move by simply reaching out and moving your pieces across the board with natural hand movements

Mixy forest

Innovative Hand Tracking: Experience the freedom of intuitive play with advanced hand-tracking technology. Interact naturally with the environment and its inhabitants – no controllers needed!

Reality End

"Reality End" immerses players in the Metaverse, where humanity is in a fight for survival against an uprising android army. The game is fully compatible with VR, using Oculus Rift and Oculus Link to provide an immersive virtual reality experience for all players, but also available for players who don't have a VR headset to play in non-VR mode. Players can join a room-based multiplayer experience with up to 32 players per room, with the option to join forces with friends or be matched with other players. The game offers full hands controller support, allowing players to use their hands to control their in-game actions and movements using controllers, providing a more immersive and interactive experience. The game currently features four maps for players to explore and fight in, each with its own unique layout and design, these maps are currently in either the beta or alpha testing stage, meaning they may still have some bugs or unfinished features, but the game is under development, more features such as explosives, and more types of weapons like grenade launcher, snipers and even melee weapons will be added in future updates. Players have the option to use their own avatars from the Ready Player Me Metaverse or select from the cool skins available in-game for humans and android characters. There are various weapons including rifles, melee weapons, and more for players to choose from. Players can also utilize various vehicles like cars and tanks to traverse the game maps and engage in combat with other players. The game features five different game modes for players to choose from including free-for-all, team deathmatch, capture the flag, demolition, and cover point. Each mode has its own set of rules and objectives. Players can communicate with each other using voice chat during gameplay. For players who prefer to play alone, there are AI bots available to provide a challenge and fill out the player count in a room. A hand pad controller with command buttons and mini map is available for easy in-game actions for VR players. The game is designed to provide an immersive and realistic experience for both VR and non-VR players, so that everyone can join the intense warfare and change the fate of humanity in "Reality End", an indie game development.

Christmas ride

Welcome to a virtual winter wonderland in our enchanting VR game, where the magic of Christmas comes alive! Designed specifically for a younger audience, this game offers a unique blend of excitement and festive spirit, perfect for the holiday season.


As artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to evolve, we're seeing more and more applications that blur the line between humans and machines. AVA GPT is one such app that's leading the way in this area. AVA GPT is a new app that uses GPT technology, Ready Player Me avatars, lipsync, and voice detection on a WebGL platform to create more engaging, personalized conversations with devices. While the app is still in the demo stage, it's already showing great potential for revolutionizing the way we interact with AI. One of the most impressive aspects of AVA GPT is its use of GPT technology. This type of machine learning model has been trained on vast amounts of data, allowing it to understand and respond to a wide range of topics in a more natural, human-like way. This creates a more seamless and immersive conversation experience that's closer to what we're used to in real-life interactions. In addition to GPT, AVA GPT also utilizes Ready Player Me avatars, which are incredibly realistic and customizable. This adds a layer of personalization to conversations that we haven't seen before in AI applications. And with lipsync and voice detection, AVA GPT can detect subtle nuances in speech and respond accordingly, further enhancing the natural conversation experience. So, what are the benefits of using AVA GPT? For one, it makes conversations with devices more engaging and natural. It's also more personalized, as users can customize their avatars and have conversations that feel tailored to their needs and preferences. Another benefit is that AI with an avatar form can provide a more intuitive way of getting answers. Rather than having to search for information on a search engine or navigate through complex menus, users can simply ask their avatar and get an answer in a natural and conversational way. This can be especially helpful for people who are not tech-savvy or have difficulty navigating traditional interfaces. Moreover, an AI avatar companion can also offer emotional support and companionship, especially for those who may feel isolated or lonely. With the ability to detect emotions in speech, the app can offer empathy and understanding in a way that traditional search engines or chatbots cannot. Lastly, AVA GPT can be a valuable tool for accessibility. For people with disabilities, the app can offer a more accessible way of interacting with devices and accessing information. And with its potential applications in education, it could provide a more inclusive way of learning for students with different learning styles or disabilities. To try out AVA GPT for yourself, visit their demo page at It's an exciting new app that's paving the way for the future of AI conversations. With its use of GPT technology, Ready Player Me avatars, lipsync, and voice detection, it creates a more natural, engaging, and personalized conversation experience that's closer to what we're used to in real life. As AI continues to advance, we're excited to see where apps like AVA GPT will take us next.


VR SkyTrek is an open world flight simulator, with real-world dynamic mapping supported by WRLD3D. 6 missions will take you to N.Y, London, Rome, San Francisco, Chicago & Toronto. This game is published for Oculus Go and on a major Development for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest.

VR Safari

Use with Google Cardboard or any Virtual Reality device. A unique experience in full Virtual reality Surrounding. Ride alongside the beasts Spot predators in action. 3 cars to choose from Detailed simulation of the wildlife and vegetation inspired by the Okavango delta.

VR Santa

A festive Roller Coaster for the holidays. - Help Santa send gifts - Snowy Atmosphere. - Realistic Design. - Accompanied by Jingle Bells Musical. - A Holiday Cheerful piece.​

VR Orcraft

Mounted on a heavy warhorse you get to lead the attack against Orc Enemy waves. Push forward to destroy the Orc Towers and eventually conquer the Orc Castle to win the match.

VR Horse Ride

Travel with VR to a distant farm, surrounded by green and animals. Tour the farm on the back of a horse. VR Horse Ride design for kids with an easy navigation system. Great for exploring VR surroundings, Natural experience, stress relief, and fun. Spot farm animals, Goat, Cow, Sheep and more.


Casual Games

Falling World

Somewhere in the near future, earth break in half, gravity collapsed, and everything is falling from the sky.

You are one of the last earth survivors. your mission is to jump high, avoid and climb the falling obstacles. beware! as the game progresses, bigger obstacles will appear


Educational Games

Alef Bet

Learning through play and story pictures, each picture is also a 4x4 puzzle piece. Writing letters of the alphabet - the alphabet written with a tractor. collection of fruits and vegetables and children to recognize and write letters.  

The Animal Book

The Animals Book designed especially for kids and toddlers, with a minimum interface and maximum content.  A collection of more than 200 quality photos, corresponding sounds of the animals, and voice over of the animals names.

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