Clients Projects


WingsGames is dedicated to creating new content for VR platforms. Designing games and applications for Cardboard,  Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and more. Using the latest Unity XR tools to bring the most advanced capabilities of the new VR/AR emerging technology.

Molar Mechanic VR

An extensive, ongoing project, interactively simulating highly detailed implant procedure. Designed for Oculus Quest 2.

3 WebXR Games

Three WebXR mini-games for Oculus Quest.

1. Airstrike - dog fight aginst alien AI
2. Spiderman - web jump across buildings
3. Skeeball

Apps design and developed for

Stars League 2020

STARS LEAGUE 2020 CHALLENGE Robotics game arena for kids. Multiplayer 2V2, using Unity and Photon 1st/3rd person game, each player controls a robot to compete against the other team, by performing tasks on the arena.

Bowman VR

Bowman VR for WebXt browser is an homage to the classic flash and html5 game called Bowman. This virtual reality bow and arrow game put you head to head with an archer, as you duke it out to the end.


A variation for Beat Saber VR on Oculus Rift. 

This project was made for internal use  

The Magic of FabriTales

AR application used with Nogili's magical markers. Using Unity and Voforia. 

VR Arena Demo

A private project made for a Fiverr client, this demo is about testing VR Humanoid integrations with a lightsabre and a rifle against enemy AI. Using Unity, Oculus Integrations, Humanoid Control. 


A Virtual tour for InnoDraw, Laser-Based, Digital Measuring, Drawing & Surveying Solution. This application is for InnoDraw clients, automatically convert a 2d drawing into a live Virtual tour. Using Unity and Trilib. 

Cleveland School of Cannabis

VR app for cardboard and Oculus Go. the app is a voice chat with friends while watching the school videos in VR classroom. you can select from different avatars and select videos from the list. the app avatars also include lipsync. Using Unity and Photon.