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Comprehensive Interactive and Digital Media Solutions

At WingsGames, we specialize in creating immersive and dynamic digital experiences, leveraging a suite of cutting-edge technologies and creative tools. Our expertise spans across various platforms and services, ensuring we deliver top-tier solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs.

Interactive Development with Unity and Extended Reality

  • Unity & UnityXR: We harness the power of Unity and UnityXR to develop engaging interactive content, from captivating games to educational simulations. Our Unity expertise enables us to craft experiences with stunning graphics and fluid gameplay.

  • VR and AR Development: Utilizing Oculus SDK and Vive SDK, we create virtual reality experiences that are both immersive and interactive. Our AR solutions, powered by Vuforia, bring the digital and physical worlds together, offering innovative ways for businesses to engage with their audience.

  • Oculus Mixed Reality: We merge the virtual and real, creating mixed reality experiences that are perfect for training, demonstrations, and entertainment.

Networked and Social Interactions

  • Photon: Our team is skilled in integrating Photon for real-time, networked user interactions, making multiplayer games and applications both seamless and robust.

  • Playfab SDK: We leverage Playfab SDK for backend services, enabling features like leaderboards, matchmaking, and in-game purchases.

Advanced Media Integration

  • Voice and Video Stream: Incorporating advanced media solutions, we offer voice and video streaming capabilities for a wide range of applications, from interactive media to telepresence.

  • Databases: Our expertise in database integration ensures secure, efficient, and scalable data management, crucial for dynamic content and user data handling.

Studio Graphics, Modeling, and Animation

  • Maya: With our proficiency in Maya, we create high-quality 3D models and animations, bringing to life characters and environments that captivate audiences.

  • Photoshop: Our Photoshop skills enable us to craft stunning graphics, textures, and visual elements, essential for creating visually rich content.

  • Video Creation and Editing: We offer comprehensive video creation and editing services, from conceptualization to post-production, ensuring your story is told effectively and engagingly.

Full Package Solutions

Our studio is equipped to handle a wide range of projects, from small-scale to large, complex endeavors. Whether you're looking for an interactive VR experience, a multiplayer game, an educational AR application, or high-quality 3D animations, we have the skills and technology to bring your vision to life. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to various industries, ensuring that every project we undertake is not just a service, but a tailored solution that meets and exceeds our clients' expectations.

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