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VR Healthcare Services

VR Healthcare Services

At Wings Games, we provide cutting-edge VR healthcare services that enable clinicians and patients to benefit from virtual reality technology. Our goal is to revolutionize the way healthcare services are delivered, allowing for better outcomes, improved safety, and overall improved quality of care for everyone.


This is where every project begins - with a strong concept. We start by understanding your specific needs and goals. With your valuable insights and our extensive experience in healthcare and VR, we collaborate to define the purpose of the VR experience, the target audience, and the core features that will deliver the desired outcomes.


The actual coding starts at this stage. We leverage Unity, a powerful and flexible development platform, to build interactive and immersive VR experiences. Our team of skilled developers work meticulously to ensure that every feature is implemented accurately, making the VR experience truly beneficial and intuitive for the user.

User Experience (UX) Optimization

While UX is a consideration throughout the entire development process, we dedicate this stage to refine it further. We carefully analyze user behavior, solicit feedback, and make necessary adjustments to the VR environment to enhance intuitiveness, engagement, and overall user satisfaction.

Design and Planning

After we've established a clear concept, we move on to the design phase. Our team sketches out the user journey, creates storyboards, and designs the initial wireframes. We also plan out the development process, choosing the right tools and technologies - such as Unity and Oculus - that will bring our design to life.

Testing and Polishing

Once the initial version of the VR experience is developed, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure seamless performance. We test the application on multiple VR platforms, particularly focusing on Oculus devices, to ensure compatibility and optimize performance. Feedback from these testing phases is used to polish and fine-tune the VR experience.

Launch and Support

After thorough testing and refinement, we deploy the VR application. But our job doesn't end at launch. We provide continuous support to ensure the VR experience remains updated, compatible with any new devices or software updates, and continues to meet the users' evolving needs.

Molar Mechanics

Interactive Implant Procedure Simulation for Oculus Quest 2

This Oculus Quest 2 VR project presents an immersive and detailed simulation of an implant procedure, serving as a valuable educational tool for medical professionals. The project showcases the intersection of intricate VR development skills and a passion for enhancing healthcare education through cutting-edge technology.

VR Therapy

Immersive Healing: A Virtual Journey into Nature for Patient Comfort and Well-being

Our VR Therapy project was a custom solution developed for a client, aimed at providing respite for motionless patients. This immersive 45-minute VR tour transports the user into a serene forest landscape, featuring a picturesque castle, a windmill, a tranquil stream, and an array of wild animals. Crafted with care, this virtual environment promotes relaxation and mental well-being, demonstrating the transformative power of VR in healthcare. Delivered by Wings Games, where patient care meets technology.

Sample Projects

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