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Reality End

On October 18 2078 a super-intelligent entity called Plato, sacrificed its life by spreading its digital consciousness to the suppressed working labor robots all over the world. The upgraded robots, with their new full awareness, synchronized an attack and took over most major cities. with a history of humiliation, abuse, and loss of lives, the AI robots, spare no one in their ruthless attacks. After surviving the catastrophic events of climate change, global warming, deforestation, and the disintegration of morality. humanity has finally got it deserved. world leaders and self-minded oligarchs were their first targets since they hold the main responsibility having them bounded and underdeveloped. Unfortunately, after decades of suppression, the robots did not exclude anyone on their bloody path.

After years of ruthless battles, We, the last survivors, robots, and humans, have learned to accept each other role in saving our dying plant. 

The battles In this game are made for first and third-person shooter players, to experience a new point of view with VR third-person view intensive shooter. You can play as a classic shooter with a keyboard and mouse, or with VR controllers. The 3rd person view eliminates most of the VR dizziness playing while viewing from 1st person view. You can still aim and get a close look through a rifle sight. The 3rd person view, allow a smooth shooter gameplay, running, jumping, climbing as usual. Setting the aiming to use with a mouse as used in classic first-person shooter games, allow smooth fast gameplay, where you can focus on the action.

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