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ABC Trip

Learn the ABC letters! Trip with a spaceship to the 7 continents!

Learn the A B C letters! Trip with a spaceship to the 7 continents! America, Asia, Australia, South America, Europe, Antarctica and Africa! A B C trip is an Educational learning and fun game for kids and toddlers. A visitor from another galaxy, thousands of light-years away has come to learn the A B C letters with his friends here on earth. Join him for a learning trip to the 7 continents of world in a fun and educational game! Learn the A B C letters by collecting fruits and gifts, solving puzzles, and finding words with the letters you learn. Feature: - 7 groups of the A B C upper and lower case letters: A-D, E-H, I-K, L-O, P-R S-V, W-Z. - 7 puzzles. - 3 game phase on each group: writing with spaceship, puzzle, find words mini-game. - Earth globe menu to choose between the learning groups. - Navigation buttons for switching instantly between letters. - puzzle auto-completion button, - Capital letters are colored to associate colors with the object - Arrow for writing direction. Detailed feature: - Fruits and vegetables are arranged to form the writing path of the letters. - Puzzles are of 4 by 4 pieces. - Each Puzzle is an illustration of characters, animals, and objects the start with a letter of the learning group, common in the located area. - Each puzzle simulate one of the places Kito visits, including in this order: America, India, Australia, South America, Europe, Antarctica, and Africa. - Each find more word mini-game randomize one of the letters learned in group. With tapping on it the word revealed. - Tip: if you get stuck on the find word phase, just swipe your finger from top to button to reveal all words. - Tip: write the letter in moderate speed to avoid jerkiness, and practice to on accurate form. - Tip: start the game from group A – D, for better understanding of the game flow. Free includes a-d writing, puzzle, and find more words mini-game.

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