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Welcome to WingsGames!

Hello, I'm Amit Chai, a seasoned VR developer fueled by a relentless passion for crafting spectacular virtual worlds. With several years of immersive experience in my portfolio, I've mastered the art of engineering awe-inspiring VR experiences that break the barriers of technology and push the boundaries of your imagination.

Molar Mechanics

Interactive Implant Procedure Simulation for Oculus Quest 2

This Oculus Quest 2 VR project presents an immersive and detailed simulation of an implant procedure, serving as a valuable educational tool for medical professionals. The project showcases the intersection of intricate VR development skills and a passion for enhancing healthcare education through cutting-edge technology.

Shaping Industries through VR

During my journey, I've had the fantastic opportunity to engage with diverse industries, demonstrating the broad scope and transformative potential of VR technology:

Medical Field: Highlighting one of my notable works - 'Molar Mechanics.' This project is a meticulous and immersive implant procedure simulation, custom-crafted for Oculus Quest 2. It stands as a compelling example of how VR can revolutionize healthcare education and training by providing a hands-on, interactive learning environment.

Wide-ranging Applications: My portfolio spans a spectrum of VR applications, from simulations for training and education to unique, customized VR experiences designed to cater to specific needs. This wide array of projects showcases my adaptability and ingenuity, consistently delivering bespoke solutions that go beyond expectations.

Soaring into the Future

As I voyage deeper into the VR cosmos, the boundless possibilities awaiting exploration fill me with anticipation. I cordially invite you to accompany me on this thrilling expedition as we navigate the uncharted terrains of VR's potential together.

Whether you're a prospective client, a fellow developer, or simply a VR enthusiast, I'm delighted to share my passion and creations with you.

Welcome aboard WingsGames - where your imagination is set free to soar!

Reality End

FPS Multiplayer VR for Oculus Rift / SteamVR

"Reality End" immerses players in the Metaverse, where humanity is in a fight for survival against an uprising android army. The game is fully compatible with VR, using Oculus Rift and Oculus Link to provide an immersive virtual reality experience for all players, but also available for players who don't have a VR headset to play in non-VR mode.

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